Dare to undertake

Formes is a story of meeting at the right time which took me through second grade. Comfortably installed in a permanent contract in Paris, I decided to dare, to dare to undertake. An idea that has been germinating in our heads for several years and then one fine day we take the plunge!

Behind forms it is Chloé, a great lover of color and creation of all kinds who decided to pursue a passion in artistic direction. Photography is what drives me on a daily basis, particularly still life. And that’s where Forms comes in.

Creativity at the heart of the project

Shapes are essential displays to have on hand and above all easy to use.

They are intended for all creatives keen to create aesthetic images, with a unique and professional universe. They have the ability to easily adapt to the chosen decor due to their versatile shapes and versatile colors. I preferred to focus on quality rather than quantity, which is why Shapes offers sustainable production that adapts to incoming demand.

French know-how

Far from it from riding this wave of made in France.

It seemed obvious to seek this wood expertise from a company in France to be as close as possible to production. Our cabinet maker brings us all his know-how for quality shapes with elaborate finishes.